Users shall not copy, duplicate, resell or unlock any BettaMax service without BettaMax’s written permission.
The user agrees not to work or solve any problems outside of BettaMax, such as buying BettaMax products. Use any third-party application to unlock the restricted functions of BettaMax service package (such as cracking, bypassing subscription fee/transaction fee, etc.). v..)

The user agrees not to access, interfere with or monitor BettaMax’s data system through any form of robot, malicious code, information collector or any other automatic collector.

Each store is allowed to belong to only one “owner”. A store owner can own multiple stores. If any store owned by the Store Owner violates the policy, BettaMax has the right to request confirmation or suspension of service to other stores owned by the Store Owner.

Users are responsible for handling any disputes and complaints about all transactions between users and buyers on BettaMax platform.

Users are responsible for all products traded on BettaMax.

Illegal acts of fraud and credit card theft are strictly prohibited

BettaMax has the right to stop providing services and freeze the balance sheet immediately when there are any signs of fraud in the user’s account.

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